Yerger Awards Won by MNHFMA

The Minnesota HFMA chapter was awarded a total of four HFMA National Yerger Awards for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The Minnesota Chapter submitted four Yerger Award Applications spring of 2018. All four applications were successful in achieving the award. Annually HFMA National allows individual chapters to submit up to four applications for the Yerger Award. The Yerger award is designed to recognize individual HFMA Chapters for significant improvement with their chapter activities. The four Yerger awards were for the following chapter improvements:
  1. Our first Early Careerist Conference. Project lead Rochelle Dahmen.
  2. Monthly Minute member communication. Project lead Shawn Deluhery.
  3. Chapter webinar improvement process. Project lead Niobis Queiro.
  4. Sponsorship process improvement. Project lead Tom Osberg. Congratulations to everyone involved in our chapter process improvement projects.
Tom Gavinski MN-HFMA Past President.
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