Professional Certification


The Professional Certification Committee is charged with promoting professional certification of members. This committee works in coordination with the Membership Committee to encourage certification. Coaching assistance from committee members is offered as preparation aid to successful completion of proficiency exams. The committee promotes the authorship of professional papers by chapter members for the continuing professional education of members. In general, this Committee encourages a high level of professional competence of chapter membership, including attendance at all HFMA sponsored/cosponsored educational activities and other organization’s courses that provide CEUs.


A. Encourage all chapters’ members to obtain and maintain Certification by pursuing continuing
education; writing exam questions, submitting professional/technical papers for publication and
meeting other established National criteria.

B. Promote Certification through the Vikingland Viewpoint, mail, e-mail, and telephone and through
personal contracts at HFMA Institutes and other events.

C. Provide assistance or be a mentor to chapter members in preparing for and taking the exams.

D. Recruit advanced members to take the Certification exams.

E. Act as test proctor for the HFMA Certification program.

F. Develop and recognize current Certified members by making them an integral part of each year’s
professional development efforts.

G. Prepare an annual budget and a statement of objectives and responsibilities for submission to
Board Liaison by April 25.


Marilee Vogal