Membership Committee


The Membership Committee will process applications for membership and recommend to the Chapter Board of Directors whether they shall be accepted or declined in accordance with provisions of Article V of the By-Laws. The Committee will conduct membership campaigns seeking members from all financial segments of the health care industry. The Committee will encourage members to participate in the activities of the Chapter.


A. Review and present membership applications to the Board for endorsement (per Chapter By-
Laws). The Committee shall further process all applications with the National office and ensure
that new members are placed on the appropriate National and Chapter lists.

B. Increase Chapter membership by:

1. Conducting membership campaigns.

2. Equip each board member to be an effective advocate for HFMA by providing them with
membership packets and other information to help encourage recruitment of new

3. Communicating with all interested applicants for Chapter membership.

4. Corresponding with non-members attending Chapter programs and inviting them to
consider membership.

5. Surveying healthcare and related organizations to ascertain why they do not have
members in the Chapter. Recommend how the Chapter could recruit such members.

C. Facilitate the orientation of new members and encourage new member participation in the
activities of the Chapter by:

1. Submitting names and organizations of all new members for publication in the
Vikingland Viewpoint.

2. Making special efforts to include new members at educational meetings by introducing
them, preparing special nametags, and making personal invitations.

3. Seeking to place the new members with Chapter committees.

4. Arranging a New Member Breakfast at the Autumn and Winter Institutes.

D. Other Membership Committee activities:

1. Regularly assigning persons as greeters at the regular Chapter program meetings and
educational seminars. Ensure that, to the fullest extent possible, all members have had
the chance to participate and obtain the benefits of Chapter membership. In addition,
foster Chapter sociability.

2. Contacting non-renewing former members to discover reasons for leaving the Chapter
and determining what steps could be taken to retain Chapter members.

3. Contact members that are inactive and interview them to determine why they are not
active. Find ways to encourage members to get involved.

4. Evaluate areas of potential membership and set standards for membership within the
guidelines set by National and which are compatible with Chapter aims.

5. Through the activities listed above, ensure that the Chapter meets National membership
growth quotas.


Rachel King

Rochelle Dahmen