Founders Merit Award Series

HFMA recognizes that its strength lies in volunteers, who contribute their time, ideas, and energy to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and one another. Active participation in HFMA at the national and/or chapter levels provides members with numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking and advocacy. Established in 1960, the Founders Merit Award Series acknowledges the contributions made by HFMA members at four award levels:

The Follmer Bronze Award is awarded to an individual who has earned 25 member points. This award is named after William G. Follmer, who is credited with the creation of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (now HFMA).

The Reeves Silver Award, in honor of Robert H. Reeves, is awarded to an individual who has earned 50 total member points. Reeves, an organizing member of the AAHA, was elected president of AAHA in 1956 and was instrumental in creating the structure of AAHA.

The Muncie Gold Award is presented to a member who has earned a total of 200 member points. The award honors Fredrick T. Muncie, an organizing member of the AAHA, and the first president of the association (1947-49). Muncie also assisted in the organization of the first AAHA chapter (First Illinois).

A fourth award, the Founders Medal of Honor, was added in 1986 and is conferred by nomination of the Chapter Board of Directors. This prestigious award recognizes those individuals who have been actively involved in HFMA for at least three years after earning the Muncie Gold Award, and have provided significant service at the chapter and/or national level in at least two of those years, and remains to be a member in good standing. A chapter may nominate members for this award at any time during the year.

Points earned by members during the prior year are reported by the chapter’s Founders Contact to HFMA National by the August 10 each year. Member points are totaled and an award list is generated for each chapter. The chapter’s Founders Contact verifies the list, and the awards are then ordered. Although HFMA National and the chapters track most member points, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual member to report points earned to the chapter’s Founders Contact, who serves as a liaison to HFMA National.

Member points are automatically transferred from one chapter to another. Retroactive scoring of points for all categories is permissible if appropriate documentation is provided. However, no points are earned for services for terms of office of less than one-half of a chapter’s fiscal year for any category; services a member is paid to perform; or for chapter participation prior to HFMA membership.

You can review your current Founders points on line, by going to HFMA’s Member Directory at (note: log-in is required) and drill down to your Founders information.

If you have questions or corrections to the information listed there, please contact Bill Fenske, FHFMA, CPA at