This committee is to function as the focus of membership communications by reporting and promoting Chapter activities through pertinent publications in a costeffective manner. The committee disseminates information to its members about healthcare industry trends and issues. Its responsibilities include publication of the Vikingland Viewpoint, identification and authorship of papers and publication of articles in the newsletter. This committee is also responsible for the annual publication of the membership directory.


A. Publish a minimum of two (2) issues of the Vikingland Viewpoint and monthly e-mail updates to

B. Solicit feedback from members for continually improving the quality of Vikingland Viewpoint.


A. Provide organizations the opportunity to advertise their products and services in the Vikingland

B. Publish at least four (4) communications per year to all members.

C. Recruit authors or articles for the newsletter and to offer editorial assistance.

D. To coordinate the publication of information relating to Chapter and Committee activities,
institutes, seminars, Davis Chapter Management, continuing professional education,
accomplishments, awards, and Board/Officer elections.

E. To assign a photographer for Chapter programs, educational seminars and awards presented.

F. Report on significant events within the health care industry.

G. To publish the fiscal year highlights in the Vikingland Viewpoint.

H. The Vikingland Viewpoint should include the following basic sections, if feasible:

a. Chapter President’s report on current events and information regarding the performance
of the Minnesota Chapter.

b. Listing of current Chapter officers, directors, and committee chairs.

c. Articles on technical issues and recent developments.

d. Advertising and editorial policy.

e. A listing of positions available in healthcare financial management or related positions in
Minnesota and surrounding area.

f. Announcement of new HFMA members, transfers, and other significant membership
changes during the year (obtained from the Membership Committee).

g. A calendar of events

h. Pertinent HFMA national news

i. Announcement of members attaining Advanced Member status and those passing the
CHFP and FHFMA exams

j. Collect and edit information for the membership directory

k. Distribute the membership directory


Shawn Deluhery