Message From the President

Welcome to the Minnesota HFMA Website. I hope you are finding the webpage informative and interesting. We are continuing to update and improve the website to enhance the Minnesota HFMA communications experience with our members. Please let us know how we can improve your website experience.

One quick update. In May 2017 we kicked off our 2017-2018 chapter year with our usual Mini Leadership Training Meeting. The new Board met along with several Committee Members. We discussed the Chapter Plan for 2017-2018 and introduced seven new Board Members to the team. The meeting was productive and we have an exciting year planned for our membership. Here are a few Project Plans we have targeted for this year.

  • Second Women’s Leadership Conference will take place January 2018.
  • Will introduce our first Early Careerist Conference in the Fall 2017.
  • Consolidate and improve membership communications/networking processes.
  • Engage our larger healthcare providers within the chapter.


This is not a complete list of projects for 2017-2018 but a few of the higher profile with members. Our goal is to meet the expectations of our members. Please keep on checking for updates on the website and again we are open to any suggestions to improve the site.

Tom Gavinski
MN-HFMA President